Central Whangarei dog overnight boarding

At Klipped In the City we offer overnight dog overnight boarding where our guests experience all the luxuries we have to offer! When you need a place for your dog to stay overnight, you want to know that your dog will be happy, comfortable, and enjoy their experience.

What we offer

During the day, your dog will have the run of the daycare with other boarders and kindy kids where they get exercise, fun and play (fully supervised). In the evening they retreat to their own suite or crate where they can enjoy their food, bed, heaters and of course TV, just like home!

We understand you miss your furry friend while you are away so we regularly post photos to our Facebook page so you can see your dog’s smiling face and how much fun they are having. Our priority is to make sure your dog is as happy and as comfortable as can be while you are away. You will have the opportunity to discuss with our staff any medication or special requirements your dog may need whilst they are staying with us. We have staff on site 24/7 so your dog will never be left alone.

What you need to bring 

You will need to bring your dog’s food for the duration of their stay, or we can supply food for an additional fee. You are welcome to bring any bedding, toys, treats and anything else to help make things feel a little more like home for your dog. We do not require bowls and we have plenty of extra bedding for your dog should they require it during their stay.


All dogs must be vaccinated and up to date with DHPPI (we will need to see their vaccination book on their first visit). Puppies must be 12 weeks old and have had their second vaccinations before they can attend. Female dogs may not attend when on heat and male dogs are expected to be neutered after 6 months of age.

Operating times and prices

Boarding rates are as follows:

Klipped kindy kids

Non-kindy kids
$39/dog/night (To qualify for kindy kid rates, your dog needs to attend kindy at least one day a week for a month consecutively)

Discount of 10% given to multiple dog families (3 or more dogs)

Boarding drop off and pick up is as follows:

Mon-Fri 7am-6pm

Saturday 7:30am-5:30pm

Sunday 8am-5:30pm

Please note:

If your dog is dropped off for boarding BEFORE 1pm- there will be a daycare charge of $20 for that day.

If your dog is picked up from boarding AFTER 1pm there will be a daycare charge of $10 for that day.

Taxi service between centres

We also offer a ‘taxi service’ for boarding dogs. You can drop your dog off for boarding at our Kamo centre and we will transport your dog to our city centre for you. We can also do this if you wish to pick your dog up from Kamo after boarding. If this is convenient for you, just let us know when you book in.

We encourage all boarding dogs to be dropped off for boarding (at Kamo or Klipped In The City) around 2pm at the latest, this gives them the chance to settle in, meet their new friends and get exercise.